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Is There Hope For The Baren (childless homes)?
« on: November 05, 2010, 12:13:10 PM »
Its time to share strong points bringing hope to childless home.

There are strong indications that the issue of barrenness brings
problem in happy homes and families.

Considering the mind of GOD on this issue, I would like to encourage
all those affected that there is HOPE, since there is life, then there
is HOPE for the BARREN.

Causes may be numerous, from physical, medical, spiritual and just
name it. God is not limited by whatever the cause may be, Known
or unknown to man.

You cannot say you want to have a child in the family and put
GOD aside, remember you cannot help GOD, Children are GIFTS from
GOD. Position yourself to have it you dont need to buy it, it is a
GIFT. Not from man it is from GOD, the LORD of Lords.

With men of course they may say, oh it is not possible, well your
case is closed, even the Doctor in his professionalism may give you
a negative update as to why you cannot get a GIFT from GOD.

Yes the Dr. has given you an update based on his own findings and
from his experience over the years. You may have been told that
you have no hope, that you should even settle for adoption of a child.

Just be optimistic about the AWESOMENESS of this GOD, have you
heard that with men it is impossible BUT WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE

So irrespective of what some people have told you above, will you
believe GOD or MAN? Please answer yourself, answer meditatively before
you proceed.

You do not need to go to any SPIRITUALIST. All you need is to above
all believe GOD what HE says. Make your way right with GOD. Do
not tell HIM all the good things you have been doing or how righteous
you have been. Just HUMBLY SURRENDER your ALL to HIM. SURRENDER

The Word of GOD says, 'Behold I am the LORD, the GOD of all Flesh: Is there any thing too hard for me?' Jeremiah 32:27

Please can you again answer the question your creator is asking you.
It is a personal thing, SETTLE it with HIM, Make your way right with
HIM by surrendering your all to HIM.

He has sent Jesus as a point of contact to HARVEST all the benefits
of having a relationship with HIM.

Surrender your life to HIM, confess all your wrong doings to HIM, ask
for Forgiveness and ask HIM to wash you by the BLOOD that was shed on
the Cross of Calvary over 2000 years ago. Promise that you will
NOT go back to those wrong doings. (Remember that you cannot stop
by your human ability) Ask HIM to give you the GRACE to live a life
pleasing to HIM, ask HIM to remove your name from the book of Death,
and write your name in the book of LIFE. Invite HIM to come into your
heart to become your LORD and SAVIOUR, In Jesus Name

Thank HIM for forgiving you and answering you.

Right their you become a Child of God and so you cannot be BARREN,
and in 2 Corinthians 5:17, 'Therefore if ANY man be in Christ, He is a
new creature:old things are passed away;behold all things are become

This implies that whatsoever had been the cause of your barrenness
even if it is a medical, spiritual or physical defect,I assure you, that
has been handled divinely be the decision you took, except you do

That means if your womb(uterus) had fibroid or any other defect that
delayed your conception, well you now have a new womb(uterus), you can
even go for another scan, it is no more there, because....'have a all
things are become NEW'. Says the WORD of GOD not mine, why because
you have become a new Creature since you have taken the decision to
give HIM your all.

That also means if you were told that your fallopian tube was blocked
or mistakenly cut in error during a major operation, just know that you
now already have a NEW replacement in place by the GREAT PHYSICIAN.

That means that if you had dreams that you are having children in the
dreams not in the physical, that is no more the case because you are
now a son or daughter of GOD, In John 1:12, 'But as many as received
HIM to them gave HE power to become the SONS of GOD, even to them
that believe on HIS name.'

You will have your child in the physical because you shall conceive and
bring forth a child. This is settled in Heaven already, ONLY BELIEVE. He has
said it that there shall be NO barren in the land. You cannot be barren
only because GOD who created it said so. Do not allow the devil to
short change you.

Remember another indisputable fact, you were BORN so you cannot be
BARREN. You will also conceive, even as a man your wife will conceive.

You might wonder why you must go through this prayer all because you
want to have a child.

This is the reason, In Proverb 28:9, says, 'He that turneth away his
ear from hearing the law(Word of GOD),even his prayer shall be

The prayer of a sinner is an ABOMINATION unto GOD, please take note
of this, hence the need to take the decision to RECEIVE CHRIST first.
Make your way right with GOD and HE will listen to your desire.

The part that FAITH plays in all this is that you can move GOD by your
faith as a NEW CREATURE in CHRIST.

Faith simply means:


Hebrews 11:1
See yourself carrying your own child, even if the physical circumstances
around you is showing the contrary. Do not be moved just as Peter saw
the storm after walking on the sea to meet Jesus, he doubted and began

Take a step you have never made before, just decide between you and
your spouse in LOVE, what gender do you prefer? Male of Female,

If you have sent your wife parking for childlessness, I strongly plead with
you to call her back, today. If you are planning to do that please cancel
that decision. Follow these CALL to ACTION and tell me if it does not
work. I know GOD cannot lie HIS WORDS are always TRUE, FOREVER.


Position yourself and grab your PROMISE OF A GIFT OF A CHILD FROM HIM.

Read first book of Samuel in the Holy Bible. Remember that Hannah the
mother of Samuel requested for a MALE child and she got it. YOU CAN
choose the child you want, as a SON and DAUGHTER of GOD.

Your case cannot be different, TELL GOD the one you want, it is the same
GOD who gave Samuel to Hannah, that will give you your preferred baby.

Go to the market and buy those baby things for the gender you prefer,
and I tell you, you will conceive and bare a baby just because you took
a step of faith after mending your ways with GOD.

No power can STOP you from getting the GIFT that GOD has for all
newly or long married couple who are seeking for a child the JOY of a
home. DO NOT SETTLE FOR LESS, take a decision and SURRENDER to

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Is There Hope For The Baren (childless homes)?
« on: November 05, 2010, 12:13:10 PM »

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Re: Is There Hope For The Baren (childless homes)?
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2013, 05:30:54 PM »
Let all d barren say, "IT IS MY TURN TO LAUGH ".

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Re: Is There Hope For The Baren (childless homes)?
« Reply #2 on: September 08, 2013, 04:37:15 PM »
The Word of GOD says, 'Behold I am the LORD, the GOD of all Flesh: Is there any thing too hard for me?' Jeremiah 32:27 .

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Re: Is There Hope For The Baren (childless homes)?
« Reply #2 on: September 08, 2013, 04:37:15 PM »


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