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   Join this Philippine Registered Company and be earning $8,$10,$1000,$3000,$6000,$12,000 - Get Free Apple IPAD or Laptop, Interest & Collateral Free Loan, Sponsored International Trip Abroad,Housing Fund etc.

     If you have been looking for ways to start making money from internet or you want a good program that can pay you more of what you are making presently ? A program that will be so easy to make money from, a promising program that can make you millions,one that can be paying right from day one that you join it,a program that can pay you directly to your Local Bank account no matter where you are in the world and one that will allow you to make money online even without having access to Internet or laptop ?

         That program is online right now. This is your chance to make the kind of money you have been dreaming about. This is your chance to have something to rely on as your main source of income and it will sustain you and your family for years.

  Honestly,i have never seen any program as perfect as this one. I consider myself lucky to have come across it. This is the kind of program i have been praying to God to bring to me. It is so easy to make money from it. Those having no access to internet and PC, literate and illiterate, students etc can join the program and make lot of money from it. This is the program that won't waste your money and effort. It is here to stay for years. Wife of Kanayo. O. Kanayo, a popular Nigerian Actor is one of the director of the company's Nigerian branch. It is having offices in almost all countries.

                 Apart from money you will make from it,you will also get the following :

1. A Free Internet Ready APPLE LAPTOP or APPLE IPAD ( They are in partnership with Apple for this )

2. A Cug Phone ( on process with a reliable Telecommunication company )

3. A Brand New Car ( Hyundai )  with Picture

4. Executive car ( Hyundai Jeep ) - in Partnership deal with HYUNDAI MOTORS Worldwide.

5. Collateral & Interest Free Loan  - $12,000 ( N1,980,000 ). It must be paid back within a year.

6. Housing fund - $40,000 ( N6,600,000 )  - The company uses N165 per dollar which is the same rate Internet Dollars Exchangers uses, as their exchange rate in Nigeria.

7. All Expense Paid International Trip

8. Educational Fund - $2,000 ( N330,000 )

9. Another Collateral & Interest Free Loan - $44,000 ( N7,260,000 ). It must be paid back within a year.

10. Empowerment for 2 people on recommendation ( $1000 or N165,000 each ). That is,you will be asked to bring in two people who will be given a gift of $1000 or N165,000 each.

11. Empowerment for One Motherless Home . Means,you will be asked to recommend one Motherless Home, the company will donate money to, on your behalf. It will be in your name.

12. Recommend two Orphans from any Orphanage home ( in your neighborhood ) for scholarship award.

13. Scholarship Award for 2 people who must be from your religious settings that you belong ( church or mosque ). All of these people shall be empowered same day after being investigated.

14. Trade & Skill acquisition ( Members who intend to acquire skill or learn a trade can communicate their intention to the organization, where to learn and which trade or skill to acquire shall be discussed and all necessary arrangement as to the successful completion of such shall be made available by Helping Hands Int’l. It is our ways of empowering people and touching lives ).

              The owners are from Philippine and one of the amazing things about the program is,they are having offices in most countries. More offices are still being worked on all over the world. You can even apply if you have a spacious place they can use and they will be paying you money for that.

       The Nigerian head office commission date is May 31, 2014. A program having offices all over the world is by far the surest program. They will never scam you. This company is a registered company and its main objective is to help the less privilege.

                        Some Testimonials from members  :

  Student makes $1820 in 1 week of few hours Job !

What I love most in Helping Hands is the ease of earning. I am a junior high school student and I make $16 every day by bring 2 of my friends to H2i. My team is growing very fast, I have over 80 students in my team and I love it. Last week alone, 20 of my classmates joined me and I made $1820 plus free iPad last week alone.Big money! H2i has touched my life. Thank you.

                      Castro de Asis ( Philippine )

I never knew a foundation like helping hands really existed until some men introduced themselves as h2i, and that my neighbor Mima Roopa nominated me for empowerment. As a widow I was abandoned by my late husband's relatives and life became hell for me and my 2 kids until these charity people came to help me and empowered me with $1,500. Now I am my own boss, I am living my dream, my life is better and the good news is that I don't have to pay back.
   This is empowerment is the real sense. Thank you h2i, we love you.

                        Shouta Takehiko

My name is Aoi Yuuto. I lost my parent through a fatal accident, and all hope of entering college was gone.One day my uncle called me and told me that I will soon go back to school because he is now a qualified senior member of h2i, at that time I did not really understand what he meant until one faithful day when some guys came to our house asking after me, they introduced themselves as h2i regional representative and that I will be going back to school during summer. I did not believe it until a month time I was presented my admission documents, all fees paid and expenses taken care of and they told me that I need not worry that all my school tuition fees until graduation from college has been paid upfront. All thanks to h2i, my uncle and the CEO.

                                        Yuuto – Philippine

I want to say a big thank you to H2i for being there for me when it matters most. My name is Gomeez omar. I am a cab driver and I live in the philipines.In 2011 I was involved in a serious accident that condemned one of my legs.For this reason, I could not drive again and lost my only means of livelihood. In march 2012, I was suprised when 2 staffs from Helping Hands International visited me. They told me that one of their members recommended me for empowerment. To my greatest suprise, after two weeks of paper work, I was given $1000 freely. i have since started a business with money and happy.

              Thank you H2i.

                        Gomeez Omar ( Philippine )

Helping Hands International is not just charity work,It is my business. I make serious money every week promoting H2i. I made over $3000 in my first 30 days of joining H2i. I love h2i because they pay instant. Me make money me get pay. Pay pay every day. H2i is the best.Join me lets make money eeh!!

                           Mendoza Rivera ( Philipine )

                How To Make Money From This Company :

             As a member,you will be making money from it even from day one. Believe me,this offers everyone the opportunity to make lot of money online. Lot of people are making Thousands of Dollars weekly from it. What you will be paid depends on the stage you are.

1.   Stage One - $10 ( N1,650 ) which can happen the same day you join the company.

2.   Stage Two - $1000 ( N165,000 )

3.   Stage Three - $3000 ( N495,000 )

4.   Stage Four - $6000 ( N990,000 )

5.   Stage Five - $12,000 ( N1,980,000 )

6.   Trustee or Director - $80,000 ( N13,200,000 ) - Will be paid to you once.

                             Others :

7. Referring Commission which will be paid instantly - $8 ( N1,320 )

8. Matching Bonus Earnings :

     10% from Stage Two ( that is 10% of the person you brought or referred into the company earned on stage two ) - $100 ( N16,500 )

     5% from Stage Three - $150 ( N24,750 )

     5% from Stage Four - $300 ( N49,500 )

     5% from Stage Five - $600 ( N99,000 )

9. Global Profit Pool Yearly - $10,000 ( N1,650,000 )

10.Residual Income for Life — $10,000 ( N1,650,000 )

11.Become a director in charge of the next-in-line-country to be Launched. ( With 1% commission on all sign ups from such country ).

          You can really make lot of money here. I have never seen a program as wonderful as this one. Immediately i saw the program and studied it,i called both my Parents and siblings and told them to join up which they did.

           This is so promising that i can't let the opportunity pass my parents and people close to me. This is a great opportunity for you too. if you haven't make money online before,this program will make that for you.

       This coming 31st May,2014, the first Car award will be held in Lagos,Nigeria for those that had qualified for the award. I will be there by God's grace. That day will also be the day, Nigeria Regional office will be commissioned.

       You too can come there and see things for yourself. People are coming from far places to attend the companies seminars which they holds on Wednesdays and Fridays in Lagos.

  There are representatives in United State of America, United Kingdom, Philippine,Japan,Brazil, Ghana, South Africa ( the CEO is presently working on the South Africa Regional office ) etc . This is a great opportunity which must never be missed.

                     I am amazed i found this program and i thank God for that.

                                           Check some of the company's pictures :


          Mrs. Luzviminda Mac-Elvis - Founder, CEO

           Dr. Ramiel Policarpio - Co-Founder











                  To Get The Full Details about the program,Check :


                 You can also contact me through :

                 Facebook  :  Charlly008  /  Charles Aladesiun

                Skype  :  Charlly009.

                BBM Pin : 7B52DE7F

                WhatsApp : 08066677674  or  +2348066677674.   

                Yahoo Messenger :  Charlly009.

                E-mail :

                Mobile Lines -  2348066677674




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Offline charlly007

I completed my First Stage within one week, advertising only to my family and friends. I am now in Stage Two and i have made more than i paid to join the program.

       Here is the image of my earnings :






Offline charlly007

I just finished watching the company's IPAD Award DVD. Wow,i am lucky to have know this program. It is the best i have ever seen online. One of the people that got the IPAD said, if you don't have money to join,sell your TV or wristwatch because within a short time,you will be able to buy yourself LED TV / Rolex Wristwatch.

   The Apple Ipad was from Apple office in California, the original product from the company. I hope to get mine on time and it will help my advertising of the company.

  Nigeria had been chosen as the Africa Regional Office Headquarter which will be commissioned on 31 May 2014. It was on prelaunch in Nigeria on 3rd December 2013.

  Ghana office was launched this year including Cameroon,Gambia.

            The DVD itself alone,is enough to convince doubters. The whole program was explained fully in there.

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Offline charlly007

I attended HelpingHands International first car award and second Ipads awards. Four members got Brand new Hyundai Elentra 2014 Model car and over 100 were given Brand New Apple Ipads. Next award will be held in August. By God's grace,i will be among those that will be awarded Cars  and Ipads.                                                                                                                   The founder came to Nigeria to attend the event and give the cars and Ipads to qualified members. There were people from USA,UK,Brazil,South Africa,Kenya,Ghana,Cameroon etc.                                                            You should drop all other programs and join this one. Join me and together, we will help each other make it. This is team work. If i want to succeed, i must help you as my downline. 

I have dropped all other programs i joined online and dedicated my full attention to this program. it is the best i have ever seen online. I am giving it maximum promotion which includes going from shops to shops to tell people about it, Paid for Big banners, Paid for Radio Adverts and TV Adverts etc. Come join my team and i will personally help you reach the top.

           Below are some of the photos from the event :











             All these pics are real. You should stop wasting your time and money on worthless programs and join this one. This program is open enough. I have never seen a program where the CEO is so close to its people. The office is there for you to check and visit. They are even training members on how to bring in new members for free.

  There are books you can get and use. The DVD for the Car award events will be out next week. This is another good tool to use to invite people in. I
will make sure you succeed if you join through me. For me to move up,i must help my downlines. Your success if my priority. I am promoting online and offline. I have never done this kind of promotion for any program.

  If you are jobless,this program is enough to sustain you and your family. Some of the people that joine under me are bringing in their wives and children. Some are even paying for seven accounts. The more accounts you have the more money you make. You will also get double Ipads and Cars. One family on Saturday got up to five Ipads.

  August is next Car award,you can be among those that will get Ipads and Cars if you start now. This is a team's work. Join me and let's work for each other's success.

    Here,you get paid immediately you have earned and you do not need to complete each stages before you get your earnings. No minimum withdrawal as well.

Offline charlly007

    More Pics :









All Student Forum

Offline charlly007

   Others :











Offline charlly007

     Rest :










Offline charlly007

How Helping Hands International Works :

This is a Matrix program and having Five Stages namely :






         When you join, you will be in Stage One. It is a 2 X 2 Matrix. You are required to bring in two people and they will be placed directly under you ( It is not necessary you bring people in, i can get them for you.We can only have two people placed directly under us & i have done that.Excess will be placed under those we have under us. I am only filling for those under me right now. But it pays a lot if you personally bring in new members. You will earn referral commission instantly and also continue to earn from them as they move from Stage to Stage. You can bring in your family,friends, co-workers,neighbor etc. There is no IP restrcition. You can even own ten accounts if you want to. More accounts means more money, Ipads,cars etc ) and tell those two to also bring two each in. When they had done this, your Stage One matrix is complete and you be moved automatically to Stage Two.

   For completing Stage One, you will be paid $10 and if you refer any one, you will be paid instantly $8 for each of them. So,if you refer two people, you will be paid $16, if you refer the own six,you will be paid $48. Then add the Stage One bonus of $10. You will get $58 in all.

Stage Two - You will earn total of $1000 ( Level by Level ) & a Brand New Apple Ipad.

   You won't have to fill the stage before you get paid, you will be getting your money Level by Level. That is when certain number of people had been placed under you. Like when you have Two- ( Level One ), you get paid. When those two are also having two each - ( Level Two ), you get paid and so on.

        Level 1 = Nil

        Level 2---- $100
        Level 3 – $200

        Level 4 = $300

        Level 5 - $400

             Total Earnings for filling Stage Two or Masters Stage = $1000.

Stage Three - You will earn total of $3000.

                     Other incentives will also follow, like Brand New Hyundai Elantra 2014 Model car.

               Each level earnings are :

Level 1 - $200

Level 2 - $300

Level 3 - $500

 Level 4 - $500

Level 5 - $1500

     Total Super Master's MATRIX Earnings = $3,000.

Stage Four - You will earn total of $6000 and other incentives.
            Earnings for each level are :

  Level 1 = $300

  Level 2 = $300

  Level 3 = $500

  Level 4 = $900

  Level 5 = $4000

              TOTAL = $6,000

Stage Five - You will earn total of $12,000 & other incentives.

                         Earnings for each level are :

 Level 1 - $2000

Level 2 - $10,000

                Total = $12,000.

     When you had completed all the Stage, you will be returned to Stage Five again. When you had cycled up to seven times, you will be promoted to Trustee or Director position.

Trustee ( director ) Stage - You will paid $80,000 and other incentives.

           To become a member and enjoy all these benefits, you need to pay the sum of $40 ( N6,600 ) as your membership fee to your sponsor who will then register and pay for you through his or her wallet balance on the company's site. You can't do the registration yourself.

     You can pay through any form you wish as long as the sponsor accept it. The money paid is one time. You won't be needing to pay any money again.

            The company is holding seminars everyday of the week except Sundays in members countries.

    If you think you are too busy to work more on this program and really want to make money from it, or you think you don't know how to bring in new members and really want to be successful in the company, there is something you can do.

  Some people are afraid of joining programs that involves bringing in new members,so i have decided to help through these Two Ways :

1. Pay N8,000  or  $50. This money will be used to advertise your link and get at least six people under you. They will be personally referred by you. This will move you to Second Stage. You will get these six downlines maximum two weeks. I am sure it will happen within a week but set your mind to two weeks maximum. The money will be used to advertise for you.

 My method of advertising are :

   Big Posters  -  Paid for by me.

   Banners  - Bought from the Company office in Lagos
   Fliers  - Bought from the Company office in Lagos

   Recorded Awards & Seminar Event on DVD - Bought from the Company office in Lagos.



   Bill Boards

   Placing posters on Cars

   Going from Shop to Shop promotion
   Online ( Forums, Facebook, Paying Advertising Sites, Using Blog etc )

        With all these,i will be able to get you the six downlines. You are only required to bring in two but will get you six in order for you to move to Second Stage on time.

   When the six is completed, you will make back the extra N8,000 or $50 and also be in profit. The total money you will get is N9570 ( $58 ). There will be more money to make from the six downlines from stage to stage.

  When the six complete Stage Two, You will be paid Matching bonus of $600 ( N99,000 )

  When the six complete Stage Three, You will be paid Matching bonus of $900 ( N148,500 )

  When the six complete Stage Four, You will be paid Matching bonus of $1800 ( N297,000 )

  When the six complete Stage Five, You will be paid Matching bonus of $3,600 ( N594,000 )

   You will also be able to get to the Trustee or Director Position where you will be paid Trustee Bonus ( paid once ) -  $80,000 among other bonuses.

        You can see it pays to personally refer people to this program. You can pay for more downlines if you want. More downlines, more money ( bonuses ) for you.

2. Invest at least N10,000 ( $62 ).

            You will be paid back N30,000 ( $186 ) within four months & also get registered for Helping Hands International. You will start getting paid starting from second month. If you pay this month - June, your first payment will come by July ending and it will be N10,000 ( $62 ).

              You will get another N10,000 ( $62 ) come August and September. By September, the whole return will be completed. You will be registered for Helping Hands International within Two to Four Weeks of your deposit. That is, when i must have start getting profit or return from your investment.

      The money will be used to advertise HelpingHands International and will be pay back from the money i make from the company.  For anyone to succeed on any program, we need do to lot of advertising. If i am able to promote to 100 people, at least 20 people will love to join. My plan is to promote to at least One Million people ( 1,000,000 ). My target is at least 10,000 downlines directly referred by me.

    Through this program,i want to change lives, touch lives of people. This program is good enough for me to achieve this. Everyone i promote to, loves the program. I will surely get lot of downlines from my advertisements.

   I will register you on HelpingHands International and will get downlines for you but not with your referral link. Mine link will be used. The referral commission is part of ways i will pay you, your returns. I will make sure you get to Second Stage on time and get to the top too.

      You can pay more than N10,000 ( $62 ). If you pay Times Two ( N20,000 or $124 ), you will get double returns and double account with HelpingHands International.

I want to advertise this program to people all over the world. I want to play a huge part in bringing people to this Helping Hands company and get their lives touched, get them empowered. The money you invested will make sure of that and you get good returns for doing so.

     You can see, there is no reason for you not to consider this program. you have three options to choose from :

Register & get at least two people yourself or rely on me for downlines but your link won't be used.
Registered & get Six Referrals from me using your link.

Invest & get returns of $186 or N30,000 & also be registered - will get you downlines.

  Let's say i have 100 downlines that registered through my link, these are what i will get when they complete their stages :

     Stage One : Referring Commission $8 X 100  =  $800 ( N132,000 )
     Stage Two : Matching Bonus $100 X 100  =  $10,000  ( N1,650,000 )

     Stage Three : Matching Bonus $150 X 100  =  $15,000 ( N2,475,000 )

     Stage Four : Matching Bonus $300 X 100  =  $30,000  ( N4,950,000 )

     Stage Five :  Matching Bonus $600 x 100  =  $60,000  ( N9,900,000 )

             I am going to get that Brand New Hyundai Elantra 2014 Model and will do same for some of my downlines including my Mum and Dad ( for believing in me when i introduced the program to them ) this year. I want people to wake up daily and see what i have done in their lives and be sending blessings to me.

            Check my Blogsite for more updates and Pictures from the Company's Awards :


      You can contact me through :

                Facebook  :  Charlly008  /  Charles Aladesiun

                Skype  :  Charlly009.

                BBM Pin : 7B52DE7F

                WhatsApp : 08066677674  or  +2348066677674. 

                Yahoo Messenger :  Charlly009.

                E-mail :

                Mobile Lines -  2348066677674


john baton

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« Reply #9 on: August 24, 2016, 04:17:51 PM »
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