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Some BOSSES want you to be their SERVANT for as long as they want. You can break FREE from that chain if you take the right decision TODAY.

You can make as much as you can per week with this Club. It is absolutely guaranteed success all through if you do the right thing.

The Director General of this company is a former Director in World Bank called Andrea. She has a vision to alleviate poverty from the world to the lowest minimum. And so far so good her plan for this company are working out for good to every one that joins.

My fellow Nigerians, I am one that has been looking for a genuine and 100% internet business that really pays but I found out there are few of them and this company is one of them.

I have been into several affiliate marketing, HYIPs, Pay per Clicks name them! Not that they do not pay but this company I am talking about will change your life around for good just like its happening to few of us in Nigeria that have already joined.

I cannot say it all here. Take a dive into the pool and feel the coolness of the water that is if you know how to swim. Its only the bold that can take a bold step! Do not dilly dally anymore, take the right step now and join.


1.   Open an Alert Pay account and fund it with at least $25 but note that you will only upgrade to a Gold membership with just $20 (N4000)
You will want to ask: How do I create and fund an Alertpay account and by the way what is AlertPay?
Alert pay is one of the safest ecurrency payment processor company on the internet. You can buy or sell your AlertPay ecurrency even here in Nigeria.

To create an AlertPay account click link below

To Buy (Fund) or Sell (Withdraw) your Alert Pay ecurrency (From US Dollars to Naira), visit the website below: It is very reliable! I have been transacting with them for close to a year now and their services is very effective and efficient.

2. Sign up with the link below by filling the form appropriately.
3. Upgrade from a FREE membership to a Gold membership and start earning

* Note that you will upgrade with $20 for at least 6 months and hence forth you will be able to generate enough money in your account to pay for your monthly upgrade continuously without spending from your pocket. From this time, you will be earning $400 or more per week

Become a member before its too late:

And learn more about this business that will change your life forever!

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Re: Become Absolutely Financially Free Before Christmas 2011!
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2011, 09:52:35 PM »
you have been posting this same post over and over on this forum and this is spamming.
However i believe some proof of what you are saying about this company will encourage people to join.
Let me ask you have you been paid before by this company?

Offline mikael76

Re: Become Absolutely Financially Free Before Christmas 2011!
« Reply #2 on: March 07, 2011, 03:33:43 PM »

Yes there are proof of payment that I have received that I am compiling and making sure that I do not expose my Alert Pay details to hacker. But do not worry about this at all: Its the latest internet money making revolution spear headed by Andreas Lucas former World Bank Director.

Whoever want to join now should do that with all confidence that he or she will be successful in this online venture.

I have dabbled into several internet businesses name them and this is one of the best and I cannot keep it to myself. That will be selfish of me!

So Sub5 accept my apology if you think am spamming the forum by posting this post severally, but my mission is to spread the good news and at least achieve the main purpose of which the founder of the club: Andrea Lucas of which she founded it: to liberate the entire world from poverty syndrome of which saharan Africa is the most affected.

So my brother, its too hard to believe but its true!

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Re: Become Absolutely Financially Free Before Christmas 2011!
« Reply #2 on: March 07, 2011, 03:33:43 PM »

Offline mfoniso

Re: Become Absolutely Financially Free Before Christmas 2011!
« Reply #3 on: March 08, 2011, 12:13:22 AM »
No doubt you have good intentions, but posting it all across the whole board on the forum, will not convince people.
Instead, add the link in your signature and as you participate in the forum discussion and helping people out with their difficulties will make them check your link out or even visit your profile to check on all the post you have made and from there, they will join since you have already made a good impression on them.

All the same thanks for sharing the info.
Please do not PM me questions, ask all your questions in the forum, for others to learn from.

Offline mikael76

Thanks so much for educating me on how I should be attaching my links instead of posting around the board. That is a very good idea. Thank once again for your understanding.

If it were to be  some forum, they would have banned me ever since but you keep telling on how to do things right.


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A wonderful incentive about this business
« Reply #5 on: March 11, 2011, 06:15:07 PM »
CA is causing a global stir on the web by providing our members with an innovative combination of income opportunity, business training, and a new way to transfer money between people.

To show our appreciation to our many generous members, CA launched a contest with thousands of dollars in prizes to reward our members for sending in their success stories. We would like to thank all the members who participated in the CA Contest and were overwhelmed by the thousands of terrific entries we received. It was inspiring to hear how funds generated from CA have helped bring about positive change for so many of you, your families, your communities, and even your countries. These life-changing stories included members providing food and clothing for themselves and their families, funding education for themselves and others who wouldn't be able to do so otherwise, helping pay for important medical expenses and healthcare, and allowing many to contribute charitable donations to benefit their communities in poverty.
You can make a difference too!
Click here to join today:

The winners of the CA Contest:

Grand prize goes to Beeja Benglavil! Congratulations Beeja! Beeja will receive $1,000 US cash prize, and a video camera.

Here is Beeja's amazing story:

Dear sir,

I am working as a teacher in an Indian school and income from CA I used to change the lives of students that I am teaching. Most of the students in my school is from poor financial background and they couldn't buy books to study. I used my extra income from CA to gets books for poor students. The head of my school impressed in this activity and he gave me promotion and respect. Also this help me a famous person in the village because of my donation. I used my commission and sign up bonus to change the water pipe to our colony that was damaged due to wear and tear for long time. In this way I helped them to reach water every ones family. Many of the family was carrying water from long distance. I also formed a Mothers Association in my area by accumulating mothers from 50 families and income from CA will collect and deposit in a bank. That amount we help to lend any one of the family who where in need of money - helping meet their girls marriage, children education, house building etc. They can repay this loan with very low interest and that money again used to lend the next member. So every family women members can help their family members in case of financial emergency. All this is a gift from the CA and I would like to thank Mrs. Andrea for that. After this people starts giving me good respect. That give me a lot of pleasure in my life. The extra income from CA helped me to meet my financial need that incur when husband was sick.

Beeja Benglavil

The two second place winners are Anchasa Chaipundi and Astrid Flamand who will each receive $500 US cash prize and a video camera.

The four third place winners are Porntip Sanguanmitra, Onakoya Abiodun, Valentyna Lytvynenko, and Daniel Wewe who will each receive $250 US cash prize and a video camera.

The additional 23 runner-up winners who receive a video camera will go to: Asta Milinaviciute, Nageswarrao Maddula, Vladimir Malakhov, Theerapong Viboonmaleerat, Mrs. Ashwini Paltanwale, Viktorija Lapteva, Kijti Chaiyapundi, Abhishek Pandey, Montian Luangsakultong, Lovely sumakanth Gollamandala, Vijay bhaskar reddy Konala, Swarupa Rani Valicherla, Levere Went, Sridevi Reddy, Gilead Okolonkwo, Patrick Leluc, Mohhan raw KMN, Vladimir Davydenkov, Nanda Suspria Adha Muttaqin, Ramesh Pulparambil, Olesya Da Silva, Benas Mikolaitis, and Dina Krasilnikova.

Thank you again to all of those who participated in the CA Contest and supporting our vision for a better life for the non-privileged individuals and families of the world. Be sure to look back soon for future contests with more great prizes!
CA is changing the lives of our members each and every day. Are you making the most of your membership?

Click here to join today:

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Goals of the Club
« Reply #6 on: March 15, 2011, 02:29:46 PM »
Without a vision there is no hope. Our vision is for a better life for the non-privileged individuals and families of the world.

Our dream is to eliminate global poverty in our lifetime. We give hope and assistance in fulfilling that dream to so many impoverished families.

Our goal is to develop new entrepreneurial spirit and economic thinking in the minds of our members. We seek to break the cycle of poverty that exists for hundreds of millions of people around the world by providing for them the education, innovative products and services, systems and tools and management support to help them to support themselves, and to help create a world where the needy have adequate access to economic opportunities and the hope to move beyond poverty. A self sufficient individual who can support his/her family with the basic necessities of life such as adequate food, housing, health care and education, does not need to tear his family apart in order to seek a better life somewhere else.

Instead of waiting for humanitarian assistance ("give the man or woman a fish so he/she can eat tonight") we want to give every man or woman the ability and possibility to help him/herself ("teach the man/woman how to fish so he/she can eat a lifetime"). We strongly believe that our greatest challenge is to change the mindset of our members. If we can change their belief in themselves to know that they too can be successful entrepreneurs, and then provide them with the education and tools they need to succeed, we will create an unstoppable impetus towards sustainable growth in developing economies.

Our emphasis is on sustainability, the driving force that will shape the economies of developing nations in the future.

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Creating Value
« Reply #7 on: March 15, 2011, 02:33:02 PM »
Posted on: 07-Mar-2011

At Club Asteria we are dedicated to protecting our reputation and brand in order to continue to deliver the highest level of service to our members and provide philanthropic support to the world.  There is nothing more important to Club Asteria than achieving our two greatest goals:  (1) helping our members earn additional income and live a better life and (2) helping those around the world who can’t help themselves. 
We have grown to over 160,000 members.  As you can imagine, the staff at Club Asteria has faced great challenges and has performed admirably in processing and serving all of our new members in the last few months.  To meet the increased demands we have hired additional personnel and continue to hire more.  We have upgraded our servers and are now moving to advanced cloud technology.  Our software and code have been going through a continuous process of being rewritten and improved.  We have created our own unique educational platform, custom designed e-commerce solution and, with the assistance of our financial partners, the e-wallet.  We continue to believe in and strive to provide the services that will enable every one of our members to reach their highest level of success.   
To continue to do all of the above for many years to come we have to be honest, truthful and act in a legitimate manner.  We have to be honest with ourselves and everyone else around us.  We cannot, nobody can, make exaggerated promises or false statements about the benefits of being a member of Club Asteria.  Unfortunately, we have to confront the harsh reality.  The incorrect and wrong message by just a few misguided individuals can adversely affect the majority that is dedicated to fulfilling the vision of Club Asteria.  If we don’t operate and behave in a truthful and legitimate manner, it will be very hard to continue our growth and provide all of our benefits.
So far this year we have granted over 200 micro-credit loans; we have made substantial donations to over 12 different worldwide philanthropic organizations; our members are taking advantage and earning money through our educational, e-commerce and e-wallet programs.  We are very proud of all of this.
Help us to tell others about Club Asteria.  Be proud of our educational program, e-commerce program, e-wallet, revenue sharing and reward program. 
• Through our educational program our members have the ability to participate in a trillion dollar plus industry. Our members can utilize and sell the most advanced products, many custom designed exclusively for Club Asteria, at the most advantageous prices available in the marketplace today. 
• Through our e-commerce program our members have the systems and tools to participate again in a trillion dollar plus industry.  We have put together an online marketing program that allows each member to become their own business person and take advantage of the most advanced technology available to make extra income. 
• Through our e-wallet program, with the assistance of our financial partners, we are now in an industry that last year sent over $470 billion dollars overseas to families and friends.  Our financial partners have developed the fastest, most convenient and least costly mobile solution to save, manage and send money anywhere in the world.  As Club Asteria earns greater and greater revenues from this service, you as a member will benefit not only by saving money but also by making money through your participation in our revenue sharing program.
We promise and are committed to adding more programs, products and services to create even better benefits for our members.  We ask for your help to accomplish all of this.  Work hard and smart, utilize all of our products, programs and services and most importantly, present an accurate account of what Club Asteria provides and stands for.  Let us all protect the value and the brand of Club Asteria so we can continue to serve each and every member and the world around us.
Andrea Lucas
Managing Director
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« Reply #8 on: March 15, 2011, 02:36:21 PM »
Posted on: 13-Mar-2011

We are so proud and happy to announce that we are now sharing our benefits, services and products with over 185,000 members.  It is so gratifying to see people joining our family from all over the world.  Our goal is to have over 1 million members earning additional income and helping us to make a positive difference in the world.  Through our philanthropic programs we continue to feed hungry children, assist in providing shelter for families, contribute towards health services and make it possible for communities to enjoy clean drinking water.  We continue to provide hundreds of micro-credit loans to those aspiring individuals who lift themselves up by creating job opportunities for themselves and their community.  Our substantial donations to worthy organizations like Heifer International, Water Aid America, Grameen Bank and many others continue to help improve life for thousands of families.
Each of our members substantially contributes towards the goals of Club Asteria by taking advantage of our programs to earn additional money for themselves.  The more money that is earned by each and every one of our members translates into more funds that are available for Club Asteria’s philanthropic foundation to utilize globally.  Our entire creative and resourceful staff is spending every moment to expand and improve our entrepreneurial education program, e-commerce solution and financial services platform.  We have chosen these industries – education, Internet marketing and financial services – because of the trillions of dollars that are currently being spent on these services and products.  Club Asteria’s goal is to provide our own unique and proprietary products and services with the support of our financial and/or venture partners to create an enormous and extended path of earnings for both our members and Club Asteria.
Our entrepreneurial education program already is developing into a premier learning and knowledge provider.  Not only our members but also millions of individuals from all over the world are able to take advantage of both the free services and paid services that this platform provides.  This is creating great opportunities for our members and provides additional revenue for Club Asteria’s philanthropic endeavors.
Likewise, our e-commerce solution, which focuses on Internet marketing, allows us to reach millions of people every day.  The Internet is a magnificent tool that levels the playing field and allows both the biggest player and the smallest player to equally participate.  We have already created our own systems, tools and technology to participate in this business at the highest and most successful level.  Each of our members now has the income earning opportunity to take advantage of Internet marketing on a level with the most sophisticated businesses and individuals in the world.  As more and more of our members are introduced to this program and take advantage of the many options available to them to be in their own Internet marketing business, both their revenues and Club Asteria’s revenues will increase.
The same thing is true with our financial services, which is now providing our members the opportunity to use their mobile phone to save, manage and transfer funds worldwide.  As our members recognize the value of this system and not only start using it for themselves but also sharing it with other people around the globe, once again, the benefits to our members and the revenues to Club Asteria will increase.
It is very important to understand that our business and revenue model is based on the successful inroads that we make in the industries we are participating in.  Club Asteria will earn more revenue and will become an even bigger participant in the education, e-commerce and financial services industries as our products and services are further developed and the utilization and sharing of these products and services are increased by our members.  Make no mistake – we make money from our education, e-commerce and financial services programs when our members share these programs with others.  The word of mouth advertising from satisfied customers is always the best marketing that you can do. The more individuals, both members and non-members, that use these services the greater our members’ and our income potential is.  In the coming weeks and months we will be promoting not only the use of what we have today but everything that we are developing.  Our goal is to see our members utilize these products and services for their own benefit and earn additional income by sharing them with others.
As we are maturing and evolving, we have continuously recognized how important our members’ hard work and contributions are to the success of our revenue sharing program.  Each week we share 30% of the revenue that is earned through the sale of our products and services with our membership.  It is wonderful for us at Club Asteria to experience the spirit of giving back and paying forward that so many of our members have demonstrated.  Nobody should just sit by and watch while others contribute so much.  We want to be there for everyone but each of us has to do their share.  When all of our members contribute, whether through our educational services, our e-commerce solution or our financial services, our revenues go up and there is more revenue for all of us to share.
Our goal is not to just have one million members but to have a family of one million participants who are highly purposed towards improving themselves, utilizing and selling the finest products available and helping people around the world that can’t help themselves.  At Club Asteria it is our passion and purpose to inspire, focus, concentrate and even force each of our members to work smarter and harder to achieve the greatest that life has to offer.  We hope that each of our members can understand that at Club Asteria we will work hard to motivate and even inspire the uninspired. Our goal here is to empower all of our members.  There is no greater feeling in the world than the pride and respect you have when you take advantage of the opportunities that are provided to you of earning the highest income possible and using it wisely.  Being successful at our chosen field of work is part of our identity and results in our inner dignity.
In the coming weeks we will be instituting programs that encourage and mandate each of our members to utilize aspects of our entrepreneurial educational, e-commerce and financial programs to improve themselves.  We have created these programs for the benefits of our members and their families.  We want our members to make good use of the knowledge and benefits that can be obtained from these excellent programs.  Based on this, we will be setting simple and very achievable requirements for all of our members to improve themselves by participating in any one of our programs.  In the future to continue to receive your compensation from revenue share and all of our other programs, it will be necessary for you to participate in at least a minimum of these programs.  There is no doubt in our minds and I am sure in yours that a more knowledgeable member with greater skills can contribute greatly not only to their own success but also to the success of the entire membership.  Together we can all make a difference not only in our own future but also set an example for the world of what we can do to help others.
We don’t want to leave anybody behind and we know that by participating in these programs it will be positively life changing for our members, their families and community.  It is the best of the human spirit to learn, grow and utilize our talent to the best of our ability.
I look forward to all of our members’ support for many years to come.
Andrea Lucas
Managing Director

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Re: The Secret That Will Make You Rich!
« Reply #9 on: March 18, 2011, 04:38:05 PM »
I requested for withdrawal yesterday to my alertpay account, see details below.

"You've got cash! Asteria Corporation ( just sent you money through AlertPay.

Payment Details

Date: March 17, 2011 4:125:11 PM
Amount Sent: $35.00 USD
Sender Name: Asteria Corporation
Sender Email:
Reference Number: DEBC1-82275-578F4,
Message: "Commission March 7

View the details of this transaction by logging into your AlertPay account.

Thanks for using AlertPay,

The AlertPay Team."

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Re: Your Boss Do Not Want You To See This!
« Reply #10 on: March 28, 2011, 04:15:09 PM »
As a member of Club Asteria you have access to a variety of Programs, Products and Services that make everything easier for you. Whether you want to educate yourself to get a better job, learn something new to improve your station in life, support your family and friends financially, start a new business, save money by shopping at great discounts, travel the world – no matter what you are looking for – it’s all here at your fingertips!

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I will pay you $5 to your AlertPay account
« Reply #11 on: May 02, 2011, 02:50:11 PM »
Join and upgrade to a Gold membership in Club Asteria today and get my reward of $5 payment to your AlertPay account.

After registering as a FREE member, then upgrade to a Gold membership by paying the sum of $19.95 from your AlertPay account to club Asteria. Then you will activated to a Gold membership status.

After you most have done that, notify me of your Gold membership upgrade by sending and sms or email by the following details:

1. Your full name ( the exact name you use to register at Club Asteria)
2. Your phone number you use to register and
3. your email address
4. Date of upgrade

Do your part very well and see me do my part excellently well!

send the details to
or sms to 08038460745


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