Meet The Lady Who Got Pregnant A Virgin Without Penetrative Sex

Meet the Gorgeous Nigerian Lady Who Got Pregnant At Age 23 As A Virgin Without Penetrative Sex!

According to her “I was still a virgin at 23 when I got pregnant” as she recalled

The beautiful young mother was a guest on Lolo CY show, where she revealed how it all happened. She had an intense make out with her boyfriend at 23 while she was still a virgin. There was no penetrative sex at as the guy only rubbed his dick on her vagina and he released.

So she missed her period but didn’t take it serious as she knew that she was still a virgin and there was no how a virgin could get pregnant.

But she finally found out that she was pregnant after 5 months.

She revealed more and how her parents reacted…

Is this possible? although many on social media have commented to have gotten similar experience.

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