Gotv Most Subscribed Plans in 2019

GOtv is the home of African television. They are committed to delivering family entertainment to Africa. They believe they are the provider of the greatest selection of local channels made in Africa for Africa.

Here are the most subscribed Gotv plans in 2019, feel free to drop a comment on the Gotv plan you have subscribed since 2019.

Go Tv Max39 General Entertainment 16 Local 6 Sports channels 6 News Channels total: 67 channels (View)₦ 3200.00 Per Month
Go Tv Plus34 General Entertainment 16 Local 4 Sports channels 6 News Channels total: 60 channels (View)₦ 1900.00 Per Month
Go Tv Value20 General Entertainment 13 Local 2 Sports 4 News Channels total: 39 channels (View)₦ 1250.00 Per Month
Go Tv Lite9 General Entertainment 10 Local channels 1 sports channel 3 News channels total: 23 channels (View)₦ 400.00 Per month

And if you are new to Gotv, you can gert a GOtv Digital Decoder and an antenna.

You can get the GOtv Starter Kit Special offer for N 6,900.00

This includes: Decoder + GOtenna + 1 month sub

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